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Do you need to increase your Muscle Recovery?

Reach your goals. Muscle recovery is the single most important part of any training or exercise program. It allows for improved performance, permits time for our body to heal itself in preparation for the next training and decreases the risk of potential injury.


The best things you can do to help your muscles recover are eating healthy foods, getting a good night’s sleep, taking the right supplements to increase the protein absorption rate of the body and ensuring you have an overall healthy lifestyle, are the most important steps you can take to maximize your muscle recovery. No recovery method can make up for poor nutrition and a lack of rest.

To maximize your muscle recovery and support you in building a more consistent fitness program, these are the key factors:

• Healthy Food

Eating a good overall healthy diet can ensure that you don’t develop any nutrient deficiencies that may impair your muscles’ ability to recover.

Protein pre-workout
Eating protein before your workout may help increase muscle protein synthesis.

Protein post-workout
When you exercise, the proteins that make up your muscle fibres become damaged. Consuming protein after your workout can help give your body the raw materials it needs to repair this muscle damage.

Carbohydrates post-workout
Your muscles store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen for energy. During short-duration and intense exercise, your muscles use this glycogen as their primary form of energy.

• Good Sleep

A good sleep gives your muscles time to recover from exercise, especially for people who exercise intensely will need even more rest than the average person. Some professional athletes allegedly sleep 10 hours or more per night.

Research has found that sleep deprivation may impair muscle recovery by impairing the body’s inflammation reaction and the production of hormones that aid muscle growth.

• Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can impair your muscles’ ability to repair themselves. You’re especially prone to becoming dehydrated if you exercise in hot or humid weather.

• Quality Supplements

Research consistently shows that the right supplements can help improve muscular strength when combined with resistance training and help you recover from intense training by helping reduce muscle damage and inflammation, as well as aiding in replenishing your muscles’ glycogen stores.

Muscle recovery products

bioptimizers muscle recovery supplements

P3-OM is a friendly and ferocious Probiotic that builds bigger and stronger Muscles, burns fat and fixes digestion without a single change to your Diet or Workout. The proteolytic nature of P3-OM means it helps convert protein into usable amino acids that feed your brain, gut and muscles.

Masszymes is an advanced enzyme formula that enhances protein digestion with three primary benefits; helping to achieve lean muscle gain, promoting optimal digestion and ensuring faster recovery after workouts by increasing the protein absorption rate of the body.

Kapex supports fat and protein digestion and increases your energy levels for a good workout by boosting AMPK (an enzyme that promotes energy production) in muscles by 52% and fat cells by 300%. It improves exercise performance (especially on a low-carb or ketogenic diet) and enhances fat loss (when combined with proper exercise and nutrition) and boosts cardiovascular health.

Blood Sugar Breakthrough stabilizes and promotes healthy blood sugar levels by increasing blood sugar uptake into muscles rather than fat cells and improves exercise performance and muscle gain. It also improves carbohydrate metabolism and energy level and overall well-being and supports weight loss effort in combination with diet and exercise.

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There’s Nothing More Expensive Than A Product That Doesn't Work

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We have helped over 65,000 people optimize their health and digestion since 2004.

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Dom Dagostino

Dom D’Agostino

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We Work With 5 World-Class Formulators To Create The Best In Class Formulas

  • We have created a partnership and invested heavily with the Burch University in Sarajevo and created a probiotics lab with multiple PHDs in Bosnia working on creating the evolution of probiotics.

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